#14daysbreakloop - Round 2 Challenge - Winners! 🏆

The challenge for developers to kick the comfort zone to learn consistently!

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As you all know, the #14daysbreakloop challenge is conducted by the 100daysof.codes, to make the developers learn and code consistently for the straight 14 days. The challenge started from Feb 24 to March 9, 2021. We could see several dedicated self-learners posted their journey in our discord channel and tagged us in the Twitter, which even motivates and inspires us to take this challenge.

Take a quick glaze to see the blogs posted by the challengers. Now we have concluded to pick the winners among the best of best.

We have picked 4 winners from the challengers for their consistency, dedication, and active participation in the challenge.

🥇1 st prize - Winner

With no doubt, we are so happy to announce the right talented winner. The First prize goes to Shreya 👋 and here is her journey for the 14 days.

She won 1000INR worth Amazon gift card and a brand t-shirt from 100daysof.codes👕.

Right from day 1 to the end of the challenge, she stands out from the rest of the others with her amazing daily projects. We are so glad to give the first prize to her.

🥈 2 nd Prize - Winner

The second prize goes to Deepakshi Sood and here is her blog. When comes to the second prize we discussed deciding the prize for the winner. For her consistency and dedication, we decided to give her a special prize.

She won a special prize of 500INR worth Amazon gift card and a brand t-shirt from 100daysof.codes👕.

She built her website Find a place and her profile on the challenge.

🥉 3 rd Prize - Winner

We are learning and trying out new things daily, but when it comes to challenges, seeing what you have learned daily motivates you to do more when you are down. We are so happy to give this prize to the interesting learner and challenger Nitesh Thapliyal.

He won a brand t-shirt from 100daysof.codes👕.

🏅 - Special prize

At just 16 years old, with his charm and enthusiasm, he won a special prize from us. The special prize goes to Manish⚡Nayak. He motivates and inspires even the grown-up to take the challenges. Here is his blog written by him.

This little young man, decided to giveaway the prize won and sponsored a Udemy course for the fellow learners.

Manish giveaway

There are still lots of unsung hero's to mention. Special thanks to all the challengers who have taken up the challenge consistently. We are so happy to be in the part of their journey. Sure we are with lots of interesting challenges in the upcoming days.

Feel free to contact us anytime on Twitter. Don't forget to check out our chrome extension which makes several learners to be in consistent in their learning.

Regards, Rams and Karthi from 100daysof.codes .

Rams codes 's photo

Congratulations to all the well deserved winners ! 🏆

Shreya Purohit 🐬's photo

Oh my god I still can't believe that I've won this challenge! This is so great. Thank you so much @100daysofcodes for organising this amazing challenge. Congratulations to all the winners! 🎉🎉😇❤️

Karthikeyan's photo

Congrats everyone. Keep rocking 🏆

Manish⚡Nova's photo

To all who participated in this challenge are worthy of hearty wishes. I would like to congratulate all of them for their consistency and their creations⚡

Some of them rocked this challenge and have won laurels in regards of them, hearty congratulations Shreya,Deepakshi and
Nitesh. You all deserve it, I admire and appreciate your projects from my heart🌻

May God bless you all with lots of sucesss, health and laurelss in life🎎

Keep shining always👼

With love from @ManishKum