Celebrating small wins

Celebrating small wins


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Everybody wants big wins, thinking about being lauded by the family, friends, and society. But how often we had those big wins? While we are running towards the big wins, we missed the small wins that happen during the process.

Every big win is compounded by small wins. If we haven't thought of a way to celebrate, we should rethink our process. Because falling in love with the process is all we need. Big wins are rare. End we are chasing towards, may be successful or not. Take a look back and amplify the wins you had earlier and enjoy the journey. Celebrating little wins also rethinks the way we define our process.

Fall in love with the process

I still remember the time, I can't focus on much spending time for my #100daysofcode challenge in the initial days. I would do a project one day, then the next day, I would take a break. At first, I used to feel the moment when I completed the 100 days. But I realized this alone won't be enough to push me further each day. Between, it is so long.

A moment that changes me is the time I posted a daily challenge on Twitter. I got more support from the Twitter community for the work. It made me start working on this challenge again. Every day, in the end, I make sure to post the progress on Twitter. For myself, the reward I set for myself is this. This reward feedback loop pushes me each day to love the process of learning and building cool things. It might be a small win to feel satisfied with, but it's what drives us to be consistent.

You can better make use of celebrating these little wins by defining your reward prior, how you will celebrate at the end of the day, and plan your daily task to that moment. Don't worry. Reward you use to celebrate those little wins might be smaller for others. It is your journey. Learn to fall in love with each moment.

Action Points

  1. Create your reward for your big win right now.
  2. Every time you win, take some time to enjoy the moment ๐ŸŽ‰. Just feel it.

Best moment

Between those small wins, I felt I have to secure the best wins from what I do. These drove me to an idea to record the best moment for a day's goal. The more I keep closing the difference between the most recent best moment, I feel better I am on the right track.

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Thought for the day

Set out to conquer the ocean. (8).png

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