Every end is the beginning of next journey

Every end is the beginning of next journey

Everybody has a goal at some point in time - Getting good grades, a good job, start their own business, launch a product. But what's after the goal? Every goal has an endpoint. Every goal ends with a success or a failure depends on what we want to accomplish. But what's behind the success line or failure line? It's always a new beginning to accomplish our new ambitions.

Breaking out of our first loop & the beginning of Gigahertz

The idea to start the #14daysbreakloop challenge comes after we launched our product - 100daysof.codes. The idea of Gigahertz - our startup behind 100daysof.codes came long back before 2 years. But there were other personal commitments we couldn't really bring a shape to our idea. #100daysofcode and the learnings we had between these 2 years all put an end to this loop, and we launched our product. #100daysofcode challenge shapes this one day at a time to bring it into reality. Now for us, it's a new beginning.

Breaking out of the second loop & posting 14 articles in 14 days on hashnode

I have been thinking about blogging for years. Whenever I sit down to write, I expect it to be the best one. So when I did write one, I would tell myself somebody would find this as a low-quality blog and they wouldn't read it all. Even though I could say it to myself without writing and posting it, I wouldn't know I am improving. I was reluctant to write one. When we planned for the #14daysbreakloop challenge, I decided to break this. Now I have successfully written 14 articles in 14 days and published them on hashnode. I make the #14daysbreakloop challenge as a system to work on this. But this time, all I did focus on was to share the values & experience with others. If you want to make the best to reach your goals, build around the system that expects the best out of it.

Here we are, at end of the #14daysbreakloop

Dream goals would still be a dream unless we build around a system to work on it every day. It doesn't have to a perfect one, but make sure it would get out of you to learn the best. For us, #100daysofcode turns out to be a system to learn consistently newer and build crazy ideas. #14daysbreakloop turns out to be a system to share our experiences with the community. And the startup wants the best in what we do to provide value in the scale.

The idea of the #14daysbreakloop challenge is not to put an end to your dream goals after 14 days. But to help you to build the system that pushes you throughout the process. For us, the #14daysbreakloop challenge may be an end today. But I wish you all this learnings should be a beginning for greater accomplishments ahead.

It's a big day for both of us. Congratulations on successfully completing the

#14daysbreakloop challenge.

Action items

  1. Do a retrospective reflecting on your journey so far - What went well? What didn't? What have you learned? This will be your key learning for next cycle.
  2. Write down your learnings in a journal. Documenting your learning will help you to take key decisions in future when things repeat.
  3. It's the moment for you to celebrate for your accomplishment. Tons of wishes from us to smash more down in the future. Good luck.

Thought for the day

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This article is written by Karthikeyan and co-authored by Rams

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