Keep doing what you do now, every day

Keep doing what you do now, every day

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Keeping ourselves staying on track every day requires us to think of it as a habit - commit ourselves to action towards the goal, every day. When we start to repeat the action at a specific time over a few days, it will slowly turn into a biological trigger. Say if you want to wake up early daily, you schedule yourself for a morning walk or go to the gym. Once you begin to maintain the routine, you can realize the brain triggers to woke up on time without any alarm. When we do actions through an internal trigger, lesser we need external motivation to push us.

If you have a habit of skipping days, try the 2-minutes rule

There may be days we could have a second thought of maybe tomorrow. In case you find it harder to maintain, use this famous 2-minutes rule by James Clear - When you want to start a habit, do it for 2 minutes. Say, if you need to read a book every day, start reading a page. The idea is to do small things that make an insignificant impact. It is also helpful in maintaining a way to stick us to a schedule.

It's all about falling in love with not to break the streak chain

Streaks are the best way to maintain ourselves to keep doing what we do. Motivation is a myth, which fades away quickly. But whenever you feel down, if you maintain the visual streak, it helps you to improve your confidence level. Each streak has its end, but the more important part is recording our actions and measuring us for the next journey.

Streak was not about quantity, it's quality - End the day with an value

Sustaining the good things with us is a hard thing. If you stop doing, it will wear down in a few days. While taking the #100daysofcode challenge, I would say to myself not to miss the streak. In the past, I start a task, do it for a while and stop randomly. This time I was much cautious not to break the streak. The more I build the streak, the more I committed to doing it every day. I am still surprised I maintained the streak for 91 days, even through the time of health issues. There may be unavoidable circumstances you need a break, but keep it short, maybe once in 14 days. Maintaining the streak each day is not just to complete some random tasks and convince ourselves we have done it for the day. It's about going back to bed you have made satisfying progress for the day and turning it into a habit.

Action items

  1. Maintaining the streak can be hard if we haven't plan the day earlier. Always keep yourself committed by adding the task for the next day.
  2. Setup a routine to start working in specific time frame suitable for you. Repeating actions in specific time builds personal reminder over time to action.
  3. Clear up distractions while you are in your task. This will help you to focus on completion.

Thought for the day

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This article is written by Rams and co-authored by Karthikeyan.

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