How one ambitious goal will change you forever

How one ambitious goal will change you forever

On day 02, let's start focusing on the goals that matters. We have attached the sheets template with this article to help prioritizing your goals from the wishlist.

Passion + Measurable outcome at a point in time = End goal.

Have you ever felt stuck at some point questioning why are we doing this? And this where most of the time, we take wrong turns or stop what doing. Most of the tasks we intended to choose what we do every day are motivated by this - I can do this? But without passion and measuring how it will impact your life in both positive and negative ways, the likelihood of succeeding is less.

End goals are what remind us why we do what we do every day. And without why, we would lose the motivation to do in the long run.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi states it in the book Flow as, "It is necessary to invest in goals that are so persuasive that they justify an effort even when our resources are exhausted and when fate is merciless in refusing us a chance at having a comfortable life."

It's easy to convince ourselves that the dot will connect in the future. Trust us, most of the time, it won't. Sometimes we have to place the dot with the end in mind.

Action points

Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 10.19.01 PM.png

  1. We have provided you a spreadsheet template here. Make a copy and list down the goals.
  2. Answer these questions for each goals - How passion are you?, How impactful this will be after X months?, Time expected?
  3. It's good to have the list the next time you choose to work on a goal. Just make sure to question yourself, does it offer value more than others in the list. Your reason to why you have to choose to work this now.

Our end goal - At end of the #100daysofcode challenge, launch

I started #100daysofcode to improve my coding skills . I couldn't measure what is the right way or the wrong way at first. Choosing the goal to improve code doesn't help me measure. I had to take a break 2 - 3 times in between.

I decided to take some time and choose my end goal to build the product. I felt it was a better one for me, because.

  1. Passion to build my own product.
  2. Measurable - I can measure the impact it would have on my future.
  3. Time bounded - I mark the calendar November 24 to launch it.

I was surprised at the end, how it made me push beyond the limit of what I thought earlier was a limit to me. I can able to measure I was coding better by the speed I could solve a problem. Learned the importance of having the system at first to reach the goal - settling myself every day at 7 pm to code, review the past actions, validating mistakes for positive outcomes.

It might be a harder one, but it is essential to drive you each day when you chose your daily goal. That's why we chose to ask for the end goal on the first screen when you installed the extension.


Thought for the day

Set out to conquer the ocean. (5).png

This article is written by Rams and co-authored by Karthikeyan.

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