If you are searching for motivation, it's within you

If you are searching for motivation, it's within you

It is easy to set a goal we do it all the time. Staying motivated to achieve those goals, it's a different story. It is not something that happens naturally all the time. Instead, we need to be intentional about our behaviors to assess we are on the right path.

Can I do it? We have the habit of asking this to ourselves. Doubting our competency skills will affect us in the long run. Always ask yourself, are you working on optimizing time & learning that will drive the positive outcome - Will what I do right now make me do it?

You have the choice to work on it every day that will give you positive consequences. Don't do it because you want to avoid failure. Do it because you want to achieve success. It might be the first reason that ends up stop what we are doing.

Don't be the failure avoider, be a success seeker.

Spread yourself with positivity around

We cannot always try to venture alone. There are a lot more things we can learn from each other. Community is the last best thing to surround yourself with positivity. The Twitter community had been the biggest support for me while I was taking my #100daysofcode challenge. I can still remember the first time I asked Twitter how do I change myself from the passive consumer. A lot more people offer their suggestions to not think about being right always. Only after a few months, I realize that I felt doubt about my competency. And how bad it impacted my motivation to continue progress.

Geller's work on self-motivation

Psychologist Scott Geller is at the forefront of research on self-motivation. If you believe the actions towards your goal is worth it, you have weighed the cost against the consequences and decided the consequences outweigh the cost.

Geller considers “consequences” to be one of four vital “C” words that underpin self-motivation:

  1. Consequences: To be self-motivated, you sincerely have to want the consequences associated with the actions you take rather than simply doing something to avoid negative consequences;
  2. Competence: Can I do it? Will it work? Is it worth? If you answer all three of the questions with a “yes,” you will feel competent in your ability to get things done;
  3. Choice: Having a sense of autonomy over your actions encourages self-motivation;
  4. Community: Having social support and connections with others is critical for feeling motivated and believing in yourself and your power to achieve.

Action points

  1. Embracing the little wins you had will drive the inner motivation with you by amplifying the positive vibes.
  2. Join communities & surround yourself with people spreading positivity. For us, the Twitter community motivated us a lot.
  3. Set realistic goals and spend some time planning on how to reach them. Get help when you needed it.

Thought for the day

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This article is written by Rams and co-authored by Karthikeyan.


This article was written as part of day 08 of the #14daysbreakloop challenge. Install the extension now from Chrome Web Store and start working on your #100daysofcode