Restore your mind often and avoid getting yourself burnout

Restore your mind often and avoid getting yourself burnout

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Not every day is created equal. Some days your energy levels are up, you work for hours building awesome stuff, and some days your energy levels might be low you might feel hard to do the day's task. Your body and mind respond if it feels stressed. Hear to it, avoid getting burnout. It might feel intuitive to do multiple tasks and say yes to everything. Slowing down a bit or taking a break should be part of your journey.

If you ever felt burnout, you might begin to relate this, how this invites more problems & commitments that you wish could have avoided. It might be hard to accept thinking this will make yourself weak, if you take a break. But I hope it's essential in the long run, if you have to make it to the end. If you felt exhausted, get some good sleep. Do what makes you feel relaxed.

Restore your energy and prepare yourself for bigger things yet to come.

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If you're taking #100daysofcode challenge, it's okay to slow down or take a break

#100daysofcode is a marathon, not a sprint. It is what I told myself often if I felt I was pushing myself too hard. There were a few days I had to take the challenge after the long work in the office. Most of the days, I was exhausted to think clearly about what should I do for the day's challenge?

One thing I began to realize lately is taking care of mental health should be the foremost priority. Be it giving yourself a break, relaxing with your favorite music, or slowing a little bit with less intensive tasks for your goal. Do what works for you to restore your energy.

Remember, there are a lot more exciting things ahead. If you feel a little bit down, just listen to what your mind and body says. Do not stress yourself too hard.

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