Improve productivity by 10x with just one hour per week

Improve productivity by 10x with just one hour per week

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How do we know what we do each day improving ourselves? Well, the most obvious answer we might think of is, we are dedicating time & learning different new things each day. But despite the feeling of moving forward, we might see ourselves being stranded in the same spot as earlier.

I had this feeling earlier. I knew I was spending a lot of effort than earlier but why can't I see the convincing difference from my past. I realized the point then, making meaningful progress in life goals is more than loading ourselves with to-do lists. I decided to take a pause & look at the path I traveled. There were a lot more bitter truths that unravel, which was hard to confront at first.

Why everyone should do a weekly review

We are always overwhelmed with the current tasks in our follow up. And we often forget the need to take a pause and analyze what we are missing right now. A weekly review is all about clarity and direction. As they say, “what gets measured gets managed”. If you have an eye towards improving your productivity, tracking it closely during your weekly review will help you get more done. It reflects on the following insights,

  • What did I get done this week versus what I planned to get done?
  • What unexpectedly arose this week that blocked my productivity?
  • Why was I so efficient this week as compared to the last one?

David Allen’s "Getting Things Done" methodology for reviewing

  1. Get clear - Empty your mind. Write down everything you have done in the past week.
  2. Get current - Review the outstanding tasks in the past and important things that need to be done next. It's all about reflecting on what you are doing now.
  3. Get creative - Review someday tasks and be open to being creative to shape bold projects to reality.

Action items

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Some important questions to consider while you review

  • How do I feel I did this week overall?
  • What enabled me to reach my goals this week?
  • Has anything stopped me from reaching my goals this week?
  • Which actions did I take this week that will propel me towards my long-term goals?
  • How can I improve for next week?
  • What can I do next week that will set me up for my long-term goals?

Thought for the day

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This article is written by Karthikeyan and co-authored by Rams.


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